5G networks to bring faster services to avoid cord cutting by subscribers

Internet service providers have been a headache for any subscriber of cable TV given the fact that there is a massive glitch with the service where there is a few to no alternative for the subscriber. However, the launch of 5G could be a new light of hope for residents of places such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis. Verizon plans to test its 5G service in the latter half of 2018 with these potential markets.

The new 5G network has been tagged as the best thing for the consumers looking for wireless services that could essentially open up ways for faster services and videos that shall open almost immediately. With 5G, the downloads have been touted to be successful within a timeframe of seconds rather than minutes. However, completely efficient 5G based smartphones haven’t hit the market as of now and the new iPhones that are expected to be out by September might not get access to the 5G signals.

So where is 5G going to land first? The users can have 5G brought to their home with the help of connection for home internet that provides speed up to 4 gigabit that is about 20X faster than current internet services. The 5G services shall come from the very same companies providing broadband services to U.S. households currently.

This particular week, Verizon has planned its home broadband to be tested for the 5G services and commented that they might partner with the Apple TV to launch set-top box as well as YouTube TV which could be the alternative for cable TV once it launches in the latter half of this year. Alternatively, AT&T has been planning to test its 5G services for 9 markets during the end of 2018.

Numerous 5G announcements were made this week with very few  that would actually work upon the idea. Recently, Motorola released its very first 5G capable smartphone named MotoZ3. However, there is actually a catch with the phone. In order to avail the service, one needs to use an adapter for bringiing in the 5G signals and the services shall only start after 5G is launched in full-scale.

Additionally, Sprint confirmed that a similar phone shall be released by LG to support 5G services. However, the release shall not happen anytime before 2019. For now, 5G services shall be limited to home unless any smartphone manufacturer comes up with a feasible phone that works well with 5G.

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