Belviq lets you lose weight without risk for heart diseases: finds latest study

The market is overrun with drugs and similar options that can help one lose weight but none without health risks. For the very first time in the history of drugs associated with weight loss, the Belviq has been researched to show no risks for any kind of heart issues. This news comes as a safety milestone for encouragement of wider use of this drug that can help aid the epidemic of obesity spreading like wildfire in the world.

This drug has entered the market in the U.S. from the year 2013 which counts as first from the arrays of weight-loss based medications that come with long-term use that is safe as confirmed by the federal regulators working on the clearance of harmful drugs from the weight loss section. Dr. Erin Bohula, the lead author of the study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston stated that the patients and even doctors have always been hesitant when it comes to the use of drugs for treatment of obesity and that comes with pretty good reasons too.

The study suggests that the drug, Belviq is convincingly safe for people suffering from obesity with no known instances that have caused heart risks for the patients. However, even though Belviq didn’t cause any increase in the heart risks, the drug didn’t even help them lower as many hoped that it would. The loss of weight seen with Belviq post use for 40 months was pretty modest where the users shed about 4 kilograms which was twice the amount they had shed with the use of dummy pills.

However, one could easily argue to the fact that heart issues aren’t just associated with increased weight. There is much more to heart diseases than just obesity. All over the world, estimates suggest that about 13% of the total adult population is obese while 39% belong to the overweight category that has been raising concerns with regards to health issues that bring in ailments more than just heart diseases. According to the doctors, diet along with ample exercise is the only key to weight loss but the ones with severe obesity can seek help of the drugs that can help them shed a few pounds to enable them to exercise better.

Belviq works as the appetite suppressant which works while stimulating the brain chemicals that in turn signal that they a full to the brim even after eating the recommended amount of diet. The estimate cost of opting for this drug in the U.S. ranges between $220-$290 per month.

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