California based company brings the first “Breathalyzer” to market for Marijuana testing

A California based company has recently announced the very first breathalyzer for detecting the presence of marijuana in a potential user. This is certainly going to play a major role in helping the official detect whether or not the drivers suspected of influenced driving have taken this drug.

As more and more states all over the U.S. have opted for legalizing marijuana for medical as well as recreational use, the officials for law enforcement have experienced rising concerns about the individuals who drive after using this drug which can affect the driver’s capability to drive. Previously, the police officers lacked any device for the detection of any amount of marijuana present in the system of the drivers under influence.

The police officials mostly depended upon the field based sobriety test which was developed to the any person who used alcohol along with some personal behavioral observations which could be subjected to deception. However, this Oakland based company named Hound Labs has made it easier for the police to detect marijuana just as alcohol can be tested easily today.

Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs stated that the team is trying to make the detection of marijuana well balanced and rational for better road safety. The company has come up with this device to ensure that the THC present in the body can easily be detected which is the prominent psychoactive ingredient present in cannabis and its users that causes one to get the sense of being high.

Further Lynn added that this device works as a cartridge that is disposable. It can detect the presence of marijuana in the body that was taken in a time frame of two hours. According to experts, this is the time taken for THC to take a toll on the body. If the breathalyzer detects the presence of THC, one can easily be sure that marijuana has been used an hour or two ago. Having someone high with THC driving on road or working at construction site can be pretty dangerous.

A total of 9 states have approved the legal use of marijuana for the recreational purpose while 31 in the U.S. have approved the same for medicinal use. This has started worrying the police all over the country for new cases of high drivers who might cause accidents that can be highly injurious and fatal as well. The device manufactured by  the California based company is being tested for final approval by Justice Department for country wide implementation that can help regulate the number of high drivers.

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