Facebook coming up with a Dating ‘feature’ instead of a Dating ‘app’

Facebook is coming up with a dating app is nothing but just a myth as it has been concluded that it is not an app but an ‘add on feature’ that you will find inside the Facebook Application. The feature has not been officially launched for the public till now as its features are in the testing mode for the time being. Soon after a preview of this app’s features in May, Facebook has now finally launched some of the screenshots which are describing its onboarding process. These screenshots are giving some positive vibes as they are focusing on making perfect matches that are a ‘serious one’ rather than a ‘one night stand’ relationship.

Thus, the process is really simple and it even understands your privacy. Once, you have activated this dating feature, no person in your Facebook account or any other person will know that you are making use of this one as it will never be shared to your news feed. You will only be able to know and see those people who are active in this dating feature. Varied options will be facilitated by the feature for you that will include non-binary, transgender and the orientation options. In order to date, you can indulge in the unlocking of events and groups and the people who are interested in each other instead of swiping can message directly through messenger or Whatsapp.

However, with an intention of blocking the spammy behaviour, the Facebook has set some limitations on the number of persons you can express your interest in. For the time being, Facebook is not into ask for any payments for accessing this feature and thus you might not see any kind of dating advertisements for the same. Talking about the U.S. , this can be enjoyed by only those who are in the age of 18+ years, thus it is undoubtedly considered to be an ‘adult’.

It is being witnessed that Facebook has no intention for any ‘time-pass’ relationships through this feature and is thus taking careful steps in its formation. For the time being, it is not entering the market having a body of an ‘app’ instead it is just considered to be an add on to Facebook with an aim of allowing people to maintain meaningful relationships. Facebook wants the dating feature to maintain this app’s consistency for longer time period.

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