Free Food won’t be an option for future Facebook employees at Mountain View

For several years, the tech company based employees from Silicon Valley enjoyed the leisure of free meals anytime they wanted during the work hours. However, this is apparently changing for the employee at Mountain View, Calif. The city has initiated a request to ban Facebook from providing any free food inside the new building for its office.

As of now, the main campus of Facebook located inside the Menlo Park in Calif is nothing less than a fairy tale. The perks offered by this 430,000 square foot sized compound include onsite cleaners, free food, and even a dentist. Basically, the social media company provides its employees a conglomeration of everything desired by the heart such as braised beef, custom omelets, handmade sushi, as well as desert that is often made by trained chefs.

The benefits meant, the employees didn’t need to leave their office and this is the thing that made Ben Werner want to learn more about California and the perks provided by the company when he came down to the place all the way from France. He was curious to see all these perks by himself, something that he has always been hearing and reading all over about.

Werner described that it was a two-way benefit for both the company and the employees given the fact that the employees do not have to struggle to look for good food while the company saves a lot of time for the employees helping them dedicate more time to work.

Mayor Lenny Siegel from Mountain View said that the companies are a part of their community given the fact that they employ a major faction of the community. Siegel also explained that the restaurants owners in the area have come up with the complaint that the employees from Google which is also in the same location, do not come out for eating or shopping. This is why upon learning about Facebook’s new office to be built in the area, the local community urged the city to pass a requirement specific to the project that bans the company’s right to provide free food to the employees at any kind of in-house cafeteria.

Additionally, the company is also barred from providing heavily discounted food. Under this new agreement, Mountain View and the Social media company Facebook shall provide meals within the company that cannot be subsidized beyond 50 percent. However, the meals can completely be subsidized if the employees seek to eat meals from the restaurants are publicly accessible.

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