Google Employees retaliate over being misinformed about the censored “Dragonfly” project

Google for the past few years has been analyzing and planning strategies to quietly tread back into the massive Chinese market after the initial withdrawal in the year 2010. However, concessions for the Chinese rules for censorship have the employees all up in their arms.

About 1400 Google employees have joined in order to challenge this company’s recently revealed plans for introduction of the censored form of search engine for the Chinese citizens. The employees come with a complaint that the management of Google has been keeping mum about the goal of the program and following that, the employees are challenging the search engine’s decision for caving into the censored Chinese domain.

As stated by New York Times, the employees at Google are worried about the fact that they might have dedicated their effort to facilitate strictly-controlled internet service for users at China that coukd bar them from access to important topics such as environmental protection or human rights. The project has been named “Dragonfly” which can essentially be a reverse aspect of Google’s  previous experience while it was accessible for users in China.

Back in 2010, Google pulled out from China citing the fact that the government censorship was far too regulatory. According to the protest letter from Google employees, currently they do not possess the information required for making an ethically-informed decision for the work, the project, or the employment. The employees demand a transparent procedure for the work to be completed with a proper seat at conference table with commitment for rather clear as well as open process. The employees working at the firm need to understand the thing they are building.

This scandal came just after the employees working at the firm spoke about it’s involvement with A.I. technology dedicated to U.S. Defense Department. The workers expressed their outrage with regards to the fact that they might unknowingly be a participant of the creation of American War Machine. The Google leaders then pulled out the program with implementation of better guidelines that would essentially cover the development of any A.I. technology with better transparency.

The letter further stated that the industry for technology manufacture has entered a new domain that comes with ethical responsibilities with regards to the choice made on a scale that can affect people all over the world. Regardless, many of the employees learnt about this project known as “Dragonfly” via news report rather than coming from the company in the early half of August.

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