Magic Leap’s first augmented reality headset out in the market but not for everyone

After investing $2.3+ billion of funding and spending 8 years in experimentation, the new and first ever Augmented Reality Headset by Magic Leap is all set to reach the global market. However, the same will be available to only few individuals.

The limitation in availability comes from the fact that it is actually the early version of the product that has been created specifically for the software developers and isn’t meant for use by customers. The headset named “Magic Leap One-Creator Edition” comes at the price tag of $2,295 which is sure to disappoint the enthusiastic customers looking to grab their chance to acquire this perfect blend of seamless computer graphics along with the augmented reality as seen in the promotional videos by the company.

The package includes disk-shaped computer, black goggles that come with translucent lenses, along with hand-held controller. However, even when the product is meant just for the software developers, there are also limitations in terms of geographical reach which means, the device shall only be delivered to the developers residing in places such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. It will be delivered by a company representative who will help with the setup of the device.

As opposed to creating an immersive and computer-generated world that comes with the use of headsets with virtual reality encryption, the augmented reality based headsets create an altered version of space that surrounds them. The glasses provided with the device project the light to the eyes while creating an illusion of being in 3D world with the objects just inches or maybe some feet away.

The early demo of the device showed how the user held a small virtual elephant over the real hand. A small faction of users has tried out the device and comment on the excellent combination of computer images along with the real-world settings. Till date, Magic Leap has been very secretive in terms of the technologies developed by them in United States. The company has done its best to outline the features of the “Magicverse” with the use of Augmented reality without revealing the workings of the device in an elaborate manner.

The specifications of Magic Leap One is similar to that of Hololens which is an augmented reality optimized pair of glasses that was unveiled by Microsoft back in the year 2015. This suggests the output has been far underwhelming as opposed to the promise made by Magic Leap in terms of features.

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