NDMA tainted Blood pressure medications could potentially cause cancer: FDA

If someone in your family or even you suffer from High Blood Pressure, you need to be aware of the recent events that have caused FDA to widen its recall for the tainted medications for blood pressure which contains the drug named Valsartan. This limited recall started back in July, however, the recall has be expanded to a wider variety of drugs for blood pressure regulation.

The impurity being looked for is the presence of NDMA or N-nitrosodimethylamine that was detected amidst numerous batches which has been tagged as a potential carcinogen as stated by Environmental Protection Agency. It is actually an organic type chemical which is used to prepare the liquid variety of rocket fuel. It can unintentionally be added to the content due to a chemical reaction. Apart from that, it is also the byproduct that comes from pesticides manufacturing as well as fish processing.

The latest batch that was recalled from the stores included medications that were made by the companies such as AvKare, Bryant Ranch Prepack Inc, A-S Medication Solutions LLC, Camber Pharmaceuticals, HJ Harkins Company, NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc., Proficient RX LP, Remedy Repack, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Actavis), and Teva Pharmaceuticals (Major Pharmaceuticals).

Scott Gottileb, FDA Commissioner stated that FDA is dedicated to maintain a gold standard when it comes to efficacy and safety which also includes the effort to make sure the quality and safety protocols are adhered to during the manufacture of medications. As soon as the FDA detects any kind of quality lapse or issues with the drug manufacturing process that can essentially create risks for the patients, the FA works on taking a swift action in order to alert patients who take those medications while ensuring that the faulty medications were removed from market as soon as possible.

While the medications are removed from the market, the patients are ensured all kind of therapeutic needs in the U.S. that comes with ample supply of the medications that aren’t affected by the carcinogen. The original medicine recall has been linked with a manufacturer located in China. The Zhejiany Huahai Pharmaceuticals that is located at Linhai near Eastern China supplied the substances for manufacture of the medications. The company informed the authorities the very instance the impurity was detected in the medications.

The patients that have been prescribed this medication are advised to consult their pharmacist or doctor for a replacement to different medicine.

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