No level of alcohol is safe for consumption: Confirms latest study

Since ages we have be fed the information that a regulated amount of alcohol is actually good for health. However, a latest report released by researchers has revealed that the harms held within alcohol consumptions significantly outweigh its potential benefits. The study analysis of data from 28 million alcohol consumers from different parts of the world determining that given the risks factors, there just might be no safe levels for alcohol consumption.

Alcohol has been associated with at least 2.8 million overall deaths all over the world every year. The researchers with this new study that was published in The Lancet revealed that about two percent of the overall population of women worldwide along with 7 percent men dies from health issues related to alcohol. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis can have a negative impact over the organs of the body as well as tissues. However binge drinking often leads to alcohol poisoning or injuries. Alcohol dependency can initiate the probability of violence or self-harm.

Dr. Max Griswold, the lead author of the study from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation located at University of Washington stated that previous studies showed that alcohol could be constructive in certain cases but this recent study confirmed that even with the benefits, the potential harm from alcohol is way too high to add it as a part of the lifestyle even with moderation. Particularly the association between consuming alcohol and issues such as injuries, cancer, and infection causing diseases tend to offset the positive effects of alcohol in terms of heart diseases seen in women during the study.

The risks from alcohol consumption do not accelerate rapidly; it often begins with that one glass and slowly increases to a state of dependency leading to diseases that break down the body from inside out. In totality, about one in every three people from different parts of the world consumes alcohol which brings the number to 2.4 billion. The studies conducted previously came with numerous limitations which included self-reported benefits, data for alcohol sale, and so on. The new study covers all these limitations to estimate the benefit to harm ratio.

The conclusion derived from the study is completely clear given the fact that alcohol in the recent years has emerged as a colossal and globally spread health issue that comes with small peaks in health benefits but massive loss to the overall system on the half that can be reason enough to quit drinking.

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