Now eat avocado for 6 months and get paid $300 to do so

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were being paid just to eat your favorite avocados? Your dreams just might come true for a term of six months were you will get paid for your participation in the university study organized by the Loma Linda University in association with the Tufts, Penn State, and UCLA. The researchers are currently looking for at least 250 participants to participate in each of these colleges for the study.

This new study will effectively test out whether consuming a regulated amount of the delicious avocados can actually promote weight loss. This means a total of 1000 participants are required by the universities to get the test done successfully. Avocado is known for having the highest amount of fat content as compared to any other fruit. Now, the researchers want to confirm whether or not it can have any beneficial effect for weight loss.

In the online statement released by Joan Sabate, PhD and MD on Tuesday, it stated that the study shall be directed towards the examination of regulated consumption of avocado for any reduction in the visceral fat located in our abdomen.

To participate in this randomized trial of 6 months, the participants need to adhere to the following requirements which include:

  • Age: 25+
  • Should be willing to consume at least 1 avocado everyday for a term of 6 months followed by 2 for another 6 months
  • The male participants need to have a minimum of 40 inches waist line
  • The female participants need to have a minimum of 35 inches waist line

The people that are selected for the study shall be assigned in a random manner to any of the two groups. The main test group shall be given about 16 avocados within duration of 2 weeks with one compulsory every day. The second group which is control group, need to eat two avocados everyday for the same 6 months.

All the participants picked up for the study shall be provided free MRI along with health screening. Additionally, they need to attend the monthly meetings organized with the help of a dietician. After the study is complete, every participant shall be paid a sum of $300 along with 24 avocados. This study is being funded by Hass Avocado Board. However, the sponsorship shall have no effect over the findings of the study.

If you have been planning to earn some extra money, just for eating avocado, you can enroll yourself at

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