Protocol of immediate attention to women victims of femicide

To guarantee the immediate protection of the lives of women who come to any of the entities of the Route of Attention to Gender Violence because they are at high risk of being victims of feminicide, the Mayor’s Office of Cali launched the ‘ Protocol of Immediate Attention to Women at High Risk of being Feminicide ‘that seeks to provide a measure of immediate protection for the safety of women along with the operation of the existing Care Route.

As explained by Ana Carolina Quijan or Undersecretary of Gender Equality, the work articulated with the Secretariat of Security and Justice has allowed to generate specific actions to mitigate the weaknesses of the Care Route that already exists. The official said that Cali is the first city that designs this protocol to strengthen the route of attention.

For his part, AndrĂ©s Villamizar , Secretary of Security and Justice, the agency that will be in charge of the protocol operation, explained that “any woman resident in Cali who feels that her life is in danger must tell us and we guarantee differential approach, not revictimization and attention away from its source of risk.

The official added that, although the route can not be guaranteed in the city the non-occurrence of femicides, what the protocol seeks is not to lose the lives of women who report these situations.

It is important to keep in mind that the Protocol of Immediate Attention to Women Victims of Femicide does not replace the existing Care Route , it is created for precisely so that it works in a timely manner in the city.

The protocol is activated precisely when a woman goes to any of the family police stations, the prosecution or health entities and the professional who handles the case to identify imminent risk of feminicide warns the Ministry of Justice, and this goes to the place with his psychosocial and legal team to offer the woman a welcome measure, so that she does not return to her at-risk situation.

The help can be relocation of temporary residence in the city or transfer of the city in case support networks are identified. The relocation or transfer is given to the woman and her dependent family. Likewise, the measure of reception with which the City Hall of Cali already has will continue to function when the cases arrive directly at Casa Matria.

The good news is that the city takes about a month and a half to register femicides. To date the city has registered 19 cases .

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