Rapid shift of Earth’s Magnetic field could have catastrophic effects

Researchers have been analyzing the magnetic field of the Earth and a rapid shift in the same has been noticed. As per the study being conducted by the researchers the Earth will soon experience a flip in the magnetic South and North Pole where both the positions will interchange. This has surely created an alarming scenario amidst the scientific community given the catastrophic effect it could pose for the residents of Earth.

The prominent issue to be seen with this flip shall include exposure to massive amount of the solar radiation along with instability with electric grid. The previous study suggested that reversals of these kinds are normal and occur at intervals of 1000s of years. However, the latest study suggests that this flip could occur sooner than expected and that too within a few centuries.

As estimated previously, the flip between poles tend to occur every 200,000 or 300,000 years. However, the last flip was about 780,000 years back. This means the Earth is long overdue to an event of polar flip. During the flip of magnetic field, the protective layer created y Earth’s magnetic field tends to weaken which leaves the inhabitants vulnerable to the space weather. The magnetic field of the Earth that has existed for more than 3.45 billion years, acts as a shield protecting the planet from directly being impacted by the solar radiation.

Even when the magnetic field is at its strongest, we are susceptible to the solar storms which might damage the electricity-based society that we live in. The researchers working at Australian National University conducted this study in order to analyze Earth’s paleomagnetic record back from the age between 107,000 to 91,000. The researchers analyzed the stalagmite found in a cave located in the southwestern periphery of China.

The team studied the stalagmite by conducting magnetic analysis along with radiometric dating over the 1-meter-long sample which eventually revealed the behavioral known to occur with the ancient version of magnetic field. It was confirmed that Earth’s magnetic field saw a massive shift in just 2 centuries when the strength decreased by 90% during field reversal.

Given the fact that geomagnetic reversal requires 1000s of years, the inhabitants of the planet could very well adapt to the change. However, the change would surely require new navigation technologies along with protection from radiation given the fact that the cosmic radiation during the last phases of the change will lead to rapid death from issues such as radiation cancer.

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