The Rookie to Launch the Next Season Soon

That first image when thinking about those three words is, in general, a white guy, of height and middle age, who is in the middle of a chase for a robbery, giving a fine for speed or eating a donut while waiting in his patrol to attend a new case. This impression is wrong in a country where more than half of the population is female, 15% of immigrant origin and more than 12% is Afro-descendant. (You may be interested: Nathan Fillion: “I’m the luckiest guy” ).

We must blame the film and television industry for generalizing an image that does not represent the diversity of that country, in which non-white communities continue to fight for a space in politics, in the arts, in sports and in any other possible scenario. It is worth analyzing the results of the past MidTerms to understand the social movements within the United States that seek representation in Congress. Senators and representatives of women, of Latin, African and Asian origin, with diverse sexual orientations. That last word is the main attribute of that nation.

To deface these stereotypes of the white and young police, productions such as The Rookie of NBC, help to build those new narratives that the United States needs to write for the entire world to read. The series follows the trail to John Nolan, a veteran of more than 40 years who, after completing their marriage, is at a time in his life in which he seeks recognition, be important for something beyond the institution of the family . Being in the middle of a robbery and feeling that he could help people with his courage encouraged him to take the first step of a dream he had for years: to be part of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Nolan, played by Canadian Nathan Fillion, who is recognized for his starring role in the Castle series , assumes in his new role to be the oldest rookie among his fellow police officers and to be challenged by a decision that was supposedly guided by the circumstances in which it was after the breakdown of their marriage. His experience in life shows the other officers a new look, more human, with which it is possible to face the situations that happen to them on a day-to-day basis.

That figure, given to the interlocution and the paternal, they approach, little by little, a work team that represents the diversity of a city like Los Angeles and a country like the United States. Black policemen, women, of Latin and Asian origin, who only wait, at the end of their workday, to return safely to their homes, together with their families.

That diversity to which the series so appeals is that which tries to illustrate the personal stories of each of the protagonists; the same one that, since its conception, the producer, Alexi Hawley, along with Nathan Fillion and the rest of the writers have tried to print to each chapter the reality that the police experience: men and women, with past and future, with dreams and fears, with intermediate times during their work, in which they talk about life itself. “It’s not a police show , it’s about characters being cops,” said Afton Williamson, who plays Talia Bishop, John Nolan’s patrol partner, at the time of describing the production.

That proposal of a program, without even having read a script, which also emphasizes second chances, in the new cultural phenomena around divorce or search for a new job, was what prompted Nathan Fillion to accept the starring role.

“Our police program tells the story of a man who starts over. He is divorced, he is no longer a husband, he is no longer a father figure, his son left for university, the work he had is no longer a necessity because there is no family, that work is no longer his dream. So what is your dream? What do you want? It starts a little late in life, but that’s fine and that’s what we want to show, “explains Fillion.

The Rookie, which premiered on November 14 in Latin America, through the Universal TV channel every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., shows that unseen face of the US police forces, of the officers who train and they prepare themselves in a specialized center, of those who fall in love with each other, of those who speak Spanish in a city with more than four million Spanish speakers, of those who arrive late to be policemen, of which they are led by a strong woman , of those who do not forget, despite their trade, to be human with the deal, with the pain of others and the tragedy.