Young girl gets infected with sepsis post trying out new shoes without any socks

Trying on some shoes before paying for them to check the fit is a usual procedure practiced by everyone. However, a recent incident revealed that you can get sepsis if you try to do that barefoot. This incident happened with a young girl aged 4 named Sienna Rasul who belongs to Wales.

The young girl fell seriously ill after trying out some shoes with bare foot and went to play outside. As reported by New York Post, the new shoes were too rough for the girl’s barefoot and rubbed up with the skin to cause an abrasion. This allowed the deadly sepsis bacteria to find a way to enter inside her body.  Jodie Thomas, Sienna’s mother stated that she was completely in shock after the doctors stated that this infection was due to wearing new shoes.

Her mother is very worried while the doctors are rushing to drain out all the poison from the leg. Normally, Sienna wore socks before wearing any new or old shoes but given the fact that it was summertime, her mother didn’t feel the need for it. Jodie confirmed that she knew that something was terribly wrong with her daughter after she started screaming with agony just a day after she wore those shoes while out on shopping trip.

While the case was being handled, the doctors raised the concern of needing to amputate the legs of the young one but fortunately for Sienna, the medical staff was successful in draining out the infection and ultimately saved her life. Now she has been released from hospital but is still being monitored to be completely sure. This isn’t the only news of a bizarre infection that made the headlines. An old man aged 48 from Wisconsin had all his 4 limbs amputated because he contracted a deadly infection just from allowing the pet dog at his house to lick his body.

This happened because of the bacteria named Capnocytophaga canimorsus that is usually found in cats or dogs. Greg Manteufel’s condition went worse with sepsis leading to a need for amputation. Jodie is a mom to three children who said that it was a terrifying experience for her to see her child twitching and shaking in pain. She said that it was known to her that trying out shoes barefoot can lead to athlete’s foot but such serious case of blood poisoning was something she never expected to happen.

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